It’s not quite the Helicarrier owned by S.H.I.E.L.D, but Microsoft’s new Cybercrime Center certainly looks like a formidable place to work. The building was opened today to house some of the company’s best legal and technical experts, who will be tasked with tackling malware, botnets, technology-facilitated child exploitation and other types of online crime.

The Cybercrime Center is located in Microsoft’s existing campus in Redmond, Washington, and is fitted with the sort of hardware and software capabilities that should make hackers uncomfortable. They include SitePrint, which maps online organized crime networks, PhotoDNA, an anti-child-pornography system and Microsoft’s own botnet takedown operations.

The structure has also been designed to accomodate external specialists who want to work in the facility and assist Microsoft’s efforts.







Not bad, Microsoft. Not bad.

Digital Detectives

Image Credit: Microsoft