In addition to the release of Windows 8.1, Microsoft today announced the final versions of Visual Studio 2013, .NET 4.5.1, and Team Foundation Server 2013 have been released. You can download them from and if you pay for an MSDN subscription you can grab them from the Subscriber Downloads page.

The most important addition in the release, especially given Windows 8.1’s debut, is support for development of Windows Store apps for Windows 8.1. New features include editor enhancements such as Peek and CodeLens, diagnostics tools for UI responsiveness and energy consumption, major updates for ASP.NET web development, expanded ALM capabilities with Git support and agile portfolio management, and so on. More details, including videos showcasing what’s new, are available here.


Visual Studio 2013 is the latest version of Microsoft’s flagship developer tool for building applications on all of the company’s platforms. It covers everything from Windows Azure and SQL Server to Windows and Windows Phone.

Even though it is now available for download, Microsoft is aware that Visual Studio 2013’s release will be buried by Windows 8.1’s launch. As such, the company is planning to host a Visual Studio 2013 launch on November 13. The company will be highlighting “the breadth and depth of new features and capabilities” in the Visual Studio 2013 release.

Visual Studio 2013 pricing is unchanged from the previous release, which according to the Microsoft Store was broken down as follows:

  • Visual Studio Professional 2012: $499.
  • Visual Studio Professional 2012 with MSDN: $799.
  • Visual Studio Premium 2012 with MSDN: $2,569.
  • Visual Studio Ultimate 2012 with MSDN: $4,249.
  • Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2012: $499.
  • Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2012 User CAL: $499.
  • Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2012 Device CAL: $499.
  • Visual Studio Test Professional 2012 with MSDN: $899.

If you purchased Visual Studio Professional 2012 at retail, you can upgrade to Visual Studio Professional 2013 for only $99 until January 31, 2014. After that, Visual Studio Professional 2013 Upgrade will be available from the Microsoft Store and through resellers for $299.

Top Image Credit: Peteri/Shutterstock