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Microsoft has rebranded the Xbox Live Marketplace as the Xbox Games Store in an attempt to organize its games, music and video offerings ahead of the Xbox One launch this November.

The Xbox 360 still uses the ‘Games’ category at the top of the dashboard, but Microsoft’s new branding has already been implemented on the Web version of the Xbox Live Marketplace.

A Microsoft spokesperson told Joystiq: “That’s right, [Xbox Live Marketplace] is now called the Xbox Games Store, and will sit alongside the Xbox Music Store and Xbox Video Store. This is to make it easier for consumers to find content both on Xbox 360 today and Xbox One when it launches in November.”

Microsoft Points were recently ditched on the Xbox 360 in favor of players’ local currencies. This is but another minor change to ensure consumers’ transition to the Xbox One platform is as painless as possible.

Xbox (via Joystiq)

Featured image credit: ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images