Microsoft unveiled Bing for Schools in the US a couple of months ago, detailing a new student-focused version of its search engine with no advertising whatsoever and automatic filtering of adult content. To ensure schools pick Bing over any of its competitors, Microsoft is now sweetening the deal by bundling in free Surface RT tablets as part of the program.

Users can sign up to the Bing Rewards scheme and start accruing credits simply by using Microsoft’s search engine from their home or a mobile device. Every time the nominated school hits 30,000 credits, Microsoft will then send out a free Surface RT tablet with an accompanying Touch Cover.

Exactly how many credits are awarded for each search query hasn’t been confirmed, but Microsoft estimates that 60 Bing Rewards users should be able to earn a Surface RT every month. Scale that up to the size of a normal year group, and that’s a steady clip of free tablets coming in each year. Not to mention a bunch of loyal Bing users.

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Image Credit: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images