The latest version of Office has moved more than 20 million copies thus far, across its distribution SKUs.

Yesterday, Microsoft announced that Office 365 Home Premium passed the 1 million subscriber mark in a touch more than 100 days. Given its roughly $100 per year price point, that makes Office 365 for consumers a $100 million per year business.

Microsoft intoned that since its inception, the most recent version of Office – what it simply calls the “new Office” for simplicity – has sold over one copy per second since its launch on December 1st. How many seconds have elapsed since December 1st? WolframAlpha has the answer: 1.555×10^7 seconds, or 15,550,000. That indicates that Office has sold more than 15.5 million copies.

However, according to a statement provided to Neowin, the real figure is higher than the one-per-second statistic belies:

While we don’t break out specifics, I can share that we have sold more than 1 license or subscription every second since launch, which was December 1 for organizations and January 29 for consumers, which puts us well north of 20 million and counting.

It’s a hard number to parse, as we don’t have the breakdown of the sales varieties; how many subscriptions versus Software In A Box sales? But it does underlie the fact that the newest version of Office, building as it does on cloud offerings and the user interface ancestry of Office 2007 – in a way – has legs.

Free online services such as Google Drive have hoovered market share, but Office appears to be holding its own. Now, let’s see Office for iOS and we’ll have a real game.

Top Image Credit: Todd Bishop