Today at the Wired Business Conference Microsoft announced that Windows 8.1, codenamed Blue, will reach developers by the end of June. The company also stated that the upgrade will be available in the Windows Store when it reaches consumers.

The release of Windows Blue through the Store and not, it appears, through Windows Update is a move away from how Microsoft traditionally distributes updates to its operating systems.

Microsoft is hosting a developer conference in June called Build that will better unveil the coming Blue update. The timing of the release of Blue with Build is not surprising. In fact, if Microsoft had not released code at the event, it would have been an odd move; why bring developers together to discuss something that you won’t let them touch?

Yesterday, Microsoft announced that it had sold 100 million copies of Windows 8.

Windows Blue is a key update to Windows 8, expanding its hardware support to include smaller form factor devices, and smoothing the user experience that has to this point been quirky, and often unintuitive.

Top Image Credit: Dell Inc.