Today at the D: Dive Into Mobile conference, Terry Myerson, the head of Windows Phone, said that “iOS may be running out of steam,” and that “Android is a mess.”

The iOS comment was in regards to Apple’s iPhone 5 release, which Myerson simplified to “adding another row of icons.” As for Android,  Myerson was asked about how he compares Windows Phone to the competition. He went on to explain that Samsung is the only OEM making money off of Android.

When asked why Windows Phone is a tough sell in North America, Myerson detailed that Windows Phones in the $200-$300 price range pre-carrier subsidies have to compete with phones of much high price (like the iPhone), because carrier subsidies bring the average cost of $600+ phones down to the $200 range.

Myerson stated that “Windows Phone is the startup inside Microsoft,” and called Steve Balmer an “intense, lovable, everyday guy.”

In response to an audience question regarding Facebook Home, Myerson sarcastically said “there’s probably a whole team at Google trying to lock out [Facebook Home] from their open platform.”