If you were hoping for a leisurely Saturday on the couch, plugging away at a few friends on your Xbox, perhaps enjoying a cool beverage, you may be out of luck: Xbox Live is currently experiencing login issues.

The issues came to our attention at roughly 11:45 Pacific time. Microsoft promised an update in 30 minutes time. That update was delivered, reaffirming the issues, and asking for cool heads:

We’re still hard at work fixing the issue members are having signing in to Xbox LIVE. Thank you for your patience during this time. Keep checking back here every 30 minutes for an update on our progress.

This sort of network issue is embarrassing for Microsoft, a company that recently endured a very public squabble concerning gaming console access; an employee at the company went on a public tirade on Twitter, claiming that ‘always -on’ consoles that require Internet access to function are not to be avoided, but expected.

That employee no longer works at the company.

Naturally, Microsoft will have another update soon, at which point we will amend this post with the latest information. For now, be patient, and perhaps play a PC game while you wait.

Top Image Credit: Futurilla