As the Windows 8 launch nears, Microsoft has today announced the release of its Bing Maps SDKs for Windows Store Apps. The Bing Maps beta SDK for “Windows Metro style” apps had been previously available (note the usage of “Metro”), but now things are getting official.

Per this change, developers that had been experimenting with the SDKs must upgrade to the latest version (v1.1.20120927) in order to be accepted into the Windows Store. As noted on Bing’s announcement blog post, this should only involve a few steps like downloading the latest version of the SDK and recompiling your app.

If you’re interested in getting involved with the new SDK today, it’s available in two main flavors: Bing Maps for JavaScript and Bing Maps for C#, C++, and Visual Basic.

These options leave plenty of room for choice when it comes to developing for the Windows Store, but if you’re looking to build apps elsewhere, it’s noteworthy that Bing already offers a Maps SDK for both Android and iOS.

Head here for more details or jump right in and download the Maps SDK via the link below:

➤  Bing Maps SDKs, for Windows Store Apps

Image credit: Ethan Miller / Getty Images