You are almost bored, yes, with our monthly post stating that, yes, again, the Xbox 360 has commanded the sales crown, as calculated by the NPD group?

Well, too bad. The data matters, and you will enjoy reading about it.

According to Microsoft’s @MajorNelson, the most recent numbers are as follows: 193,000 Xbox 360 consoles sold in the month of August, making it the 20th straight month that the Microsoft console has been the top selling device.

The Xbox 360, a device that came to market before the now also-venerable Playstation 3 has shown remarkable market resilience, selling strongly past the point in which its lifecycle might have been sunsetted.

However, on it sells. Why? The Kinect launch was key, sparking a sales burst for the console, but I would also argue that Microsoft’s work turning the device into a family and living room-centered media unit, and not strictly a gaming platform. More content, more content deals, and the Kinect bringing fresh all-ages titles have kept the aging device afloat.

What is next for the Xbox line? I could bore you with tales of the NextBox, but instead let me say this: uncertainty is more certain than guesswork at the moment. Something that shared a core with Windows ala Windows Phone 8 would not be surprising, but it’s dangerous to say more. In the meantime, Xbox may hit its 21st month of dominance in just a few weeks, meaning that it’s all, tear, grown up.

Top Image Credit: Futurilla