Microsoft sometimes does not speak above a whisper when one of its products is updated. This is usually the case when the product in question could get them into anti-trust problems, and so the company wants to fly under the radar.

Such is the case with Microsoft Security Essentials, a product that is sparking the ire of the big security companies for being high quality and annoyingly free.

Whatever the situation, Microsoft has released a powerful update to Security Essentials that boasts new antimalware technology that Redmond claims will allow “consumers and small businesses [to] enjoy enhanced protection and performance as well.”

The update, which is a full number release to Security Essentials 2.0, contains Microsoft Firewall integration, the aforementioned antimalware technology, and greater network security. In other words, the very excellent Security Essentials is now even better. You can download it here.

It remains free. The unavoidable future lawsuit aside, well done Microsoft.