At long last we can wrap up the Dell Venue Pro saga, something that has been smoldering for so long we almost lost faith that Dell was ever going to find the fire extinguisher. They finally have.

Today in a blog post on he Dell Community forums, the company outlined the exact state of the Venue Pro, and what should be expected moving forward. We have taken the time to boil their statements into a list of bullet points:

  • Production is ramping up to handle demand.
  • There are delays, people are going to experience delays, they will vary in length, and Dell will probably be calling most people suffering from delays.
  • Deliveries are going out starting this Friday
  • If you ordered before the 14th of December, you will get a free Plantronics Explorer 240 Bluetooth headset. Also, if you have any outstanding orders, you will get free overnight shipping on those items.

Dell is going to update the community with more accurate shipping estimates once it figures out how long it will take to fulfill orders.