The buzz around Window Phone 7 keeps getting louder as we approach the launch.

According to Tom Warren from Neowin, Windows Phone 7 devices will available in UK, Spain, Italy, Germany and France starting October 21st with several world wide launch events on the same day.

There have been strong rumors that Microsoft will be introducing Windows Phone 7 devices first in Europe, then in the US. Earlier it was confirmed by Microsoft that all UK carriers will be stocking Windows Phone 7 devices.

Microsoft will be holding an open house on the 11th of October in New York City where the focus is expected to be Windows Phone 7 and Kinect. The holiday season could explain a November launch for WP7 in the US.

Microsoft seems to be preparing a Blitz Krieg for their latest mobile platform. One of the biggest argument has been that Microsoft is too late in the game, for a market that keeps introducing new phones practically every week, it is never too late.