Game developer Mind Candy is best known for its uber-popular Moshi Monsters series for kids, even though it has been pushing into additional territories of late. And one could perhaps be forgiven for assuming the London-based company was in rude health, but founder Michael Acton Smith has revealed that he’s passing on the CEO’s reigns to someone else, as things have become far more “complex” as the company has grown.

“I love this company and I’m not going anywhere,” he says. “But now that it’s so much more complex, with multiple offices, a lot of staff, a lot of different projects bubbling away, it needs operational excellence and leadership to run it.”

However, he’s not going anywhere. He will remain at Mind Candy in a creative capacity. But what’s perhaps just as notable here, is the means through which Acton Smith has delivered the message – not via a press release or other formal means, but through a personal video posted to YouTube.

“This is a slightly unusual way to deliver a message like this, I think a press release would’ve been a bit more normal, but we’re an unusual company and I just wanted to speak face-to-face to anyone watching and let them know what’s going on,” he says.

It’s certainly a nice way of breaking what is pretty significant news, and adds a real personal touch to things. You can watch it in full here.