One enterprising internet provider in New Zealand is providing a ray of hope for film and TV fans worldwide who don’t yet have access to Netflix. That’s because Slingshot is letting its customers access the video streaming site from New Zealand even though the US company hasn’t launched there yet.

GigaOm reports that Slingshot is using VPN (virtual private network) technology to give its customers access to Netflix and other sites using a US-based IP address, which fools them into thinking that they are on US soil. That practice is common for many people, but since it is technically forbidden by some services, Slingshot’s short disclaimer says its ‘global mode’ service’ is for guests from overseas.

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It remains to be seen whether the service is able to continue given recent publicity around it. Assuming that it does, it should give other internet providers worldwide an interesting idea to get an edge over their competition.

New Zealand ISP allows its customers to subscribe to the U.S. version of Netflix [GigaOm]

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Thumbnail image via Jenny Cestnik / Flickr