Singapore-based video site Viddsee has been focused on showcasing short films ever since its launch in February 2013. However, it is now branching out and venturing into Web series.

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Derek Tan, the co-founder of Viddsee, revealed that the company has seen an increasing demand for serial content on the Web. “A lot of this (in Asia) is also motivated by Chinese video platforms coming in with micro-cinema (short films) and TV programs now. In the US, we see Netflix creating House of Cards, and also YouTube’s drive towards playlists for Web series too,” he told TNW.

The Web series feature is making its debut with only one program, a 20-episode mockumentary about social media, but Viddsee is currently in talks with other content creators to put up more of such series in the coming months.

Recently, Viddsee passed five million unique viewers on its site. Its more than 10 channels show content from Hong Kong Japan, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Indonesia and Thailand.