Starting from today, social reading platform Goodreads is making it easier for you to add your Amazon book purchases to your virtual bookshelves.

Users in the US, Canada and Australia will be able to add both print books and Kindle books to their shelves automatically. Indeed, you’ll see an ‘Add Amazon Book Purchases’ link in the Tools list on the left of your ‘My Books’ page, and once you’ve signed in with your Amazon credentials, you’ll be able to go through all your past purchases, rate each one and select the relevant shelf for it.


Amazon acquired Goodreads in March last year, so this tighter tie-up is hardly surprising. And given it will let you beef out your bookshelves more easily and receive better recommendations for future (good) reads, it’s bound to prove a popular feature.

If you live in any of the three launch markets, you should be seeing the new feature over the next couple of weeks. And if you don’t live in the US, Canada or Australia, chin up – it will be arriving in other markets soon too.