Music-tagging service Shazam has announced a new tie-up with dance music store Juno, one that will see millions more dance tracks added to Shazam’s database.

This news comes a little more than a year after Shazam announced a similar deal to reel in Beatport’s arsenal of electronic music. With Juno opening its library to Shazam, this means more than four million electronic tracks will now be ‘taggable’ by Shazam’s mobile apps, and it also includes thousands of new releases that are only available on vinyl.

“Vinyl music is seeing a resurgence in the industry, with sales at their highest for 15 years,” says Shazam’s VP of Music and Content, Will Mills. “Crucially some of the most important and exciting new music is released on vinyl first before later hitting digital.”

Juno’s database has already been incorporated, so you could start seeing hundreds more people with their mobile phones in the air next time you hit the dancefloor.

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