Hulu today announced what original programming its subscribers can expect in 2014: four new exclusive shows and 13 new seasons for existing shows. Premieres for the new additions range from next week to later this summer, although some dates have yet to be decided (TBD).

The four new shows include The Bridge (premieres January 14), Deadbeat (premieres April 9), The Hotwives of Orlando (premier TBD), and The Next Step (premieres in May). Here’s a sneak peek:

New seasons are coming for the following shows: The Awesomes (premieres this summer), Behind the Mask (premiere TBD), East Los High (premiers this summer), Elite New Face (premieres February 14), Fresh Meat (premieres February 9), Line of Duty (premieres in March), Moody Family (premieres this spring), Moone Boy (premieres April 24), Mother Up (premieres January 15), The Only Way is Essex (premieres January 25), Pramface (premieres April 6), Quick Draw (premieres this fall), and Rev (premieres this summer).

Image Credit: MJimages