YouTube network Fullscreen has officially launched its Channel+ service for helping brands make the most out of YouTube. Channel+ will now function as a separate business division.

Channel+ taps Fullscreen’s staff to manage brands’ and media companies’ YouTube channels and track copyrighted content. The service includes SEO, channel optimization and strategy assistance.

Fullscreen began quietly building Channel+ over two years ago, and it is now graduating the service from beta. The launch includes three new features: Community Management, Brand Amplifier and Channel Programming.

After building its own network and products for creators, Fullscreen saw an opportunity to offer services to brands after being repeatedly approached about YouTube.

“Every single day, we have brands coming to us saying, “How do I attack on YouTube? How do I win on youtube?” Fullscreen COO Ezra Cooperstein said in an interview.

Currently, the firm manages roughly 100 client channels, including NBC, Fox, Cartoon Network, GE, and AARP. Over the past year, those channels have grown 2,000 percent in organic viewership and 1,200 percent in subscribers with an aggregate total of 3 billion earned views and 12 million subscribers.

Image credit: Shutterstock / Robert Kneschke