Spotify is keen to build out the social features of its on-demand music streaming service, connecting fans with the artists they love and increasing the amount of time that users spend on the platform. To that end, Spotify is launching a new Follow button today for artists, labels, concert organizers – anyone with music to promote really – to add to their site or blog and raise awareness of a specific profile on Spotify.

Once clicked, Spotify users who are already logged in will begin following the artist automatically. If they’re not logged in they will be prompted to do so, while new users will inevitably need to create an account before being able to follow the musician in question. By following the artist, Spotify users will receive updates whenever new tracks and albums are added to their profile. A link to their Spotify page, complete with their discography, biography and a list of related artists, will also be added to the dedicated Follow tab.

It’s an obvious play, but one that should increase the public’s awareness of Spotify on the Web. The button itself is discrete and should sit well alongside artists’ existing buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and the like.

Here’s an example of a Follow button in action:

Image Credit: Mario Tama via Getty Images