The OpenStreetMap (OSM) project unveiled iD, a slick editor for its open source take on Google Maps, in May, and today the organization announced that it is now the default editor for its site.

iD, which is built in pure JavaScript with the d3 visualization library, is an ‘easy-mapping’ replacement for its clunkier Flash-based Potlach in-browser editor.

The change is a move that the organization and iD creator MapBox hope will encourage more people to contribute edits and updates to the mapping service, which is used by the likes of Evernote, Hipmunk and Foursquare among others.

id editor sotm us 2013 venue screenshot 520x373 Google Maps rival OpenStreetMap makes slick iD editor its default map making tool

Power users and other Potlach fans can configure the older editor as their default if they prefer, but OSM says that iD is a “more comprehensive help system” that has been built especially for new and inexperienced mappers.

If you’re a first-time user, you can check iD out at

➤ iD In-Browser Editor Now Default on OpenStreetMap [OSM]

Headline image via clasidyrose / Flickr