Netflix is continuing to push ahead with movie licensing deals in the US, today announcing it has partnered with newly launched multi-platform distribution label RADiUS-TWC, a company backed by The Weinstein Company that will bring a number of brand new indie films to US customers in early 2013.

As part of the deal, Netflix will add titles including Bachelorette, Only God Forgives, Butter, The Details, Lay The Favourite to its catalog, giving them wider exposure and boosting Netflix’s ever increasing selection of independent movies.

The Weinstein Company is credited with bringing Academy Award winning film The Artist to screens, which are due to become available to Netflix’s US customers later this year, before RADiUS titles launch a few months later.

While the US is enjoying new content, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has already outlined his plans to expand the service in the UK, vowing to go head-to-head with Sky to end its control over premium movie rights.

The service already boasts more than 1 million users in the UK and Ireland, and with the declaration the company will outbid Sky, more movies could soon be available the other side of the pond.

[Image Credit: JeffGunn]