Expanding its music offering, Vimeo has today launched two new features to its video service, releasing Enhancer — a new tool that allows users to embed over 50,000 music tracks from its Music Store — now also offering nearly 4,000 customisable tracks via a new partnership with SmartSound.

Similar to YouTube’s online video editor but with more of a music focus, Vimeo’s Enhancer allows users to modify their existing videos, add soundtracks, allows them to adjust audio levels and control any tunes they wish to add to their work.

With its SmartSound offering, users can now create a customized soundtrack for their video by “controlling the length, musical arrangement, and instrument mix from a base of nearly 4,000 songs.”

Music is available via the Vimeo Music Store and comes at a price ($1.99 a track for personal use license and $19.99 per track for a commercial license). In fact, it will give “users instant access to over 20 million unique compositions based on the ideal song length, arrangement, and instrument mix needed for each video.”

If you are looking for custom arrnagement and don’t have the tools available on your computer, this could be a cheaper and easier option.