In an attempt to revive DVD sales and also provide more choice for its customers, Amazon has today launched its new Never Before on DVD store, featuring over 2000 titles that have never been available on the format and will never go out of stock.

The new store uses Amazon’s CreateSpace DVD on Demand service, which will manufacture movies and TV shows from Disney, Sony Pictures, Warner Bros. and Twentieth Century Fox on-demand when a customer buys a copy.

Some titles will also be available via Amazon’s Instant Video and Prime Instant Video services, making more content available to all of its customers, regardless of the medium on which they wish to view a particular film or TV show.

The partnership works for both the studios and Amazon. By utilising it CreateSpace DVD on Demand service, Amazon is able to reduce the outlay on stock and only pay for the materials it uses and share royalties with rightsholders.

For the studios, it is far less riskier to provide Amazon with access to its back catalog of films and TV shows instead of committing to large productions runs and then have them stocked by its retail partners. Many of the titles available have not been on DVD before for a reason — because there’s just no demand.