Breaking News sends 100,000 referrals per day to news sites and social services

Breaking News sends 100,000 referrals per day to news sites and social services

Breaking News has just revealed an interesting statistic on how much traffic it drives to news sites and social services. What started out as a Twitter account has since gone on to become a fully fledged news source, with 3.5 million followers on Twitter alone.

According to the blog post, Breaking News sends 100,000 referrals a day to the sites it links to – whether news sites or social services. According to the post, the number combines the Breaking News mobile apps, social accounts, its official website, and partnerships with mainstream media outlets MSN UK and

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The post goes on to say:

If you’re a news site, these referrals will be difficult to track. In your analytics software, you’ll see the referrals from, but you’ll be unable to attribute the visits from our mobile apps, social accounts and our distribution partners. In other words, we’re probably sending you a lot more traffic than you think.

This announcement is yet another small reminder of the constantly shifting landscape in the field of online journalism, with social media, crowd-sourcing and citizen journalism becoming an increasingly significant part of our daily news consumption.

Breaking News has continued to grow since its launch, adding a curated StumbleUpon channel to its arsenal of tools, which includes accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr – ensuring it reaches the widest audience possible.

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