Oh Gizmodo, we love you. Moments before Rupert Murdoch is to officially unveil his beloved iPad newspaper and you’ve gone and spoiled his fun.

Gizmodo, who wasn’t invited to the party today, has leaked the following information about The Daily.
500x the daily Just in: All The Daily Details Leaked Just $40 a year will get you a subscription to 365 days of these contents:

• Over 100 pages of original news, life, entertainment, opinion and sports –
• every single day of the year
• Original video content
• A selection of articles read aloud
• 360 degree photos you can explore by swiping
• Immersive photography
• Interactive charts, info-graphics and clickable ‘hot spots’
• The option to save articles to read later
• Web-friendly versions of articles you can share via Twitter, Facebook and email
• In-app comments – including audio comments
• Your local weather
• Your favorite sports teams’ scores, news and feeds
• Crossword and Sudoku puzzles