free phone calls 300x266 Skype Gives Out 30 million Minutes of Calls for EidSkype has decided to make Eid this year a bit less expensive for those of you living or working away from friends and family and because celebrating Eid would not be the same without your friends and family…

Skype is giving away up to 30 minutes worth of calls to landlines and mobiles to 1 million people worldwide. Anyone registered with Skype can go to to request a Skype Credit voucher so that they can start sending happy Eid wishes around the world. Anyone not on Skype can get started by downloading Skype from and following the simple instructions.

The Skype Credit voucher can be used to reach friends and family on their phones in places like India, Turkey, USA, or Europe at low pay as you go rates, and to send text messages to mobiles from your computer.

The only downside to the offer is that after applying you’ll have to wait for some time before you get the voucher, possibly 3 days, so if it’s mom or dad waiting for that phone call I’d suggest making it and postpone some of those distant relatives and friends for the Skype Eid credit.

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If you’re in a country like the UAE where Skype is blocked you might want to consider getting yourself an application like UltraSurf which you can download here.