Update: On the iPhone, there’s a far more technology advanced way of accomplishing the same result in iOS 6. It’s called Find my iPhone “Lost Mode”. Full explanation here.

God forbid you ever lose your iPhone, you’re going to want to make sure you have the highest possible chance of getting it back. Here’s a simple little tip that should help: have your locked screen wallpaper reveal your alternate contact details should someone find it.

Here’s how to do it:

Go into your favorite notes app and write a short message explaining how someone may reach you should you lose the phone (remember not to use that phone’s number!). Then take a screenshot of the screen and set that screenshot as your wallpaper.

You could set this as your full time wallpaper, or, only enable it whenever you think you might very well lose it, e.g. on it a night out.

Finally, here’s what it would like (c/o Reddit)

Featured Image Credit: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images