Nissan’s automated office chairs are equal parts awesome and scary

Nissan’s automated office chairs are equal parts awesome and scary

If Nissan has its way, we may be snapped back to the meeting room table whether you like it or not.

In an attempt to show off technology it uses for assisted parking, Nissan equipped office chairs to respond to human commands like clapping.

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The chairs operate using four cameras placed throughout the room, which let it hone in on a target position and route a destination to that spot. It can also spin around 360-degrees.

As you can see, it’s awesome, but also a bit terrifying.

The tech is pretty cool for cars (I mean, Tesla kinda has the same feature, so why not), but I can’t say the same for the office.

Without people sitting in them, Nissan’s stunt is a sight to behold — but image you’ve scooted your chair over to grab a coffee from a table near the window, and some others are having side chats.

Your boss, annoyed with the perceived slight of a disinterested staff, claps — and you automatically return to the board room table, short two sugars and a cream for your coffee. Or, what if your boss just summoned your chair instead of scheduling a meeting to fire you?

This is what nightmares are made of.

➀ Nissan [YouTube]

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