Comcast is having outages and connectivity issues across the US [Update]

Comcast is having outages and connectivity issues across the US [Update]

Update: As of 3pm PST, reports to Down Detector have died down dramatically, though there still seem to be some sporadic issues.

Comcast is experiencing outages across the US, with the San Francisco and New York areas seeing the most damage.

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The outage is sporadic, but seems to be concentrated on large cities. Problems seem to have arisen right around 8:00am PST, where Down Detector saw a massive spike in reports.

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Internet service is the most widely reported issue, with 58 percent claiming they’ve got connectivity problems. A solid 21 percent are saying TV isn’t doing what it should, while 19 percent are reporting a total blackout.

Personally, Comcast is my ISP, and I’ve got no connectivity issues, though Portland is on the outage map. When I tried to visit the Comcast website to check on my account, it wouldn’t let me through. Fingers crossed.

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