A single URL is the strongest hint yet that a Surface phone may be in the works

A single URL is the strongest hint yet that a Surface phone may be in the works

A subtle but interesting rumor has bubbled up lately regarding Microsoft’s plans for its Surface lineup. A recent discovery regarding a strange URL may be the strongest hint yet that the company is actually working on a Surface phone.

It seems Microsoft may have snapped up the domain www.surfacephone.com, which may not sound too exciting — except there’s no such thing as a Surface phone. Moreover, the site redirects to Microsoft’s Surface page.

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As The Verge points out, several other Surface-related URLs point to the Surface landing page, some of which are a bit outlandish. While www.surfacelaptop.com is a no-brainer, www.surfacecar.com also redirects to Microsoft’s Surface portal.

We’ve heard nothing about a ‘Surface car,’ or Surface finding its way to existing automotive software.

Domain squatting by companies is nothing new, and perhaps it’s nothing special this time either. Still, the popularity of the Surface tablet has many hopeful Microsoft will make a Surface phone, and www.surfacephone.com redirecting to the Surface landing page strongly suggests Microsoft owns the domain.

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