Dish Network’s Hopper 3 and HopperGO let you record 4K content, then take it on the go

Dish Network’s Hopper 3 and HopperGO let you record 4K content, then take it on the go

At its CES press conference today, Dish Network unveiled two new devices: the all-new Hopper 3 digital video recorder and HopperGO, a mobile component that lets you take up to 100 hours of recorded content anywhere you go.


The Hopper 3 features 16 tuners that the company says allows costumers to watch and record 16 shows at once. This means you can also watch shows in multiple rooms without disruption.

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The new DVR device offers 4K content recording and a “Sports Bar Mode” which pays four simultaneous live channels on one 4K screen. Netflix will be included into Hopper’s content search, and YouTube will integrated in “coming months.”

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If you’re planning to travel, the HopperGO can download recorded content from the Hopper 3 via USB to take up to 100 hours of content on the go. The device then creates a personal Wi-Fi cloud for users to stream content regardless of internet connection.

CX_iVhNWMAAYQIbWhen the HopperGO is connected to the Hooper 3, it also simultaneously charges the pocket-sized device for up to four hours of viewing. It supports up to five simultaneous users per device.

The HopperGO will be available in late Q1 of this year for $99. Current Hopper customers may be eligible for an upgrade to the Hopper 3, and the service starts at $15 a month.

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