Livestream says it’s been hacked and you should reset your password

Livestream says it’s been hacked and you should reset your password
Credit: Livestream

Broadcasting service Livestream emailed its users today to inform them that its systems may have been breached.

The company said:

We recently discovered that an unauthorized person may have accessed our customer accounts database. While we are still investigating the full scope of the incident, it is possible that some of your account information may have been accessed.

This may include name, email address, an encrypted version of your password, and if you provided it to us, date of birth and/or phone number.

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Livestream added that it doesn’t store credit card numbers or any other payment information, and that it has no reason to believe the encrypted passwords have been decoded.

While that mitigates most of the danger for registered users, there’s still a chance that attackers might attempt to use the stolen data for identity fraud or phishing scams.

If you’re one of Livestream’s 300,000 users, you’ll want to change your password now just to be on the safe side.

We’ve contacted Livestream for further details and will update this post when we hear back.

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