VLC has ported its popular Android app to Chrome OS

VLC has ported its popular Android app to Chrome OS

Chrome OS now has a proper video player, as VLC has made its way to the Chrome Web Store.

In addition to various video files, VLC can play audio you’ve got stored locally.

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VideoLAN, the company behind VLC, says the Chrome OS version is a port of its Android app, and uses the Android Runtime (ARC) to run natively on Chrome OS.

In a statement, VideoLAN president Baptiste Kempf told Venture Beat “The ARC solution was a blessing, and helped us to recycle 95 percent of the Android code and optimizations we did in the last months. Of course, some work was required, nothing is magical, but way less than other solutions.”

Because it plays files you’ve got saved to a computer or network drive, VLC can also operate while you’re offline.

VLC for ChromeOS [VLC via Venture Beat]

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