Uber has reportedly put in a $3 billion bid for Nokia’s Here maps

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Uber is trying to buy Nokia’s Here maps, according to a report by the New York Times.

The taxi-hailing startup has allegedly put in a $3 billion – billion, with a ‘b’ – for what is largely seen as Google Maps’ largest competitor.

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Nokia was rumored to be putting up Here for sale for a while now, with numerous bidders on the table, including Yahoo, Samsung and Tencent, aside from Uber.

The move makes sense with Uber – among several others – recently trying to distance itself from Google’s services, which seems more as a competitor every day.

After all, Uber is reportedly looking at making self-driving cars, while Google was reportedly looking into providing driverless taxi services – although those claims were met with doubts.

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Uber Joins the Bidding for Here, Nokia’s Digital Mapping Service [NYT]

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