North Korea’s internet is down in wake of Sony hack accusations

North Korea’s internet is down in wake of Sony hack accusations

Update: Reuters reports that North Korea’s Internet service has been restored, though the cause for the outage has not yet been determined.

In a rather suspicious coincidence, North Korea is currently going through a widespread internet outage, according the Associated Press. The connectivity problems started 24 hours ago, and have deteriorated further since.

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If you haven’t been following, North Korea was recently accused by the United States of perpetuating the recent devastating Sony hacks. During a press conference, President Obama promised the US would “respond proportionally.”

Of course, there’s no concrete evidence to link North Korea’s internet blackout to retaliation by the United States – this could just be a unrelated outage in a country with already limited internet access. The White House for its part declined to comment to the AP, but the timing seems awfully fishy.

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