If you run a blog directly through WordPress.com, rather than a self-hosted site using the free software from WordPress.org, you’ll soon have access to an upgraded dashboard and set of editing tools.

The most notable addition is a fixed toolbar for the Post Editor. Now, instead of scrolling to the top of the page to add a link, the toolbar will remain visible above your work. For bloggers that frequently write long-form essays and articles, this should streamline the formatting process on WordPress significantly.

The updated WordPress.com dashboard also comes with a revamped Media Library. It features a new grid view that the company says will speed up finding and selecting your uploaded media. While using the search bar, the Media Library will also remove files that don’t fit your requirements in real-time.


If you want to upload audio files to WordPress.com, you’ll need to take out a Space Upgrade. Once you’ve done this, the updated dashboard will now let you add artist and album information to your custom playlists. These additional details will then be visible in the audio player that appears in your blog post, giving visitors a better sense of what they’re listening to.

The new additions are part of WordPress 4.0, which will be rolling out to self-hosted WordPress sites (WordPress.org) in the coming weeks.

Featured image credit: Shutterstock