Yelp has launched a new ‘Trends’ tool which allows users to enter search terms to compare 10 years of historical review data from around the world.

Given the rich mass of information that Yelp holds in its millions of reviews, it makes sense that it’s putting it to some use, although this is just intended as a bit of fun designed to end arguments and help you search out interesting data points.


“Are Londoners loving bob hairstyles or feeling more fringe (that’s bangs, for you Americans) these days? And every city has its favorite food trucks now, but where did this meals-on-wheels phenomenon first take off?,” it posits in a blog post.

Right now, Yelp Trends will let you search for up to three terms across 98 cities in 20 countries, which should be enough to allow for some interesting discoveries.

Yelp Trends