ZenPayroll has launched a new feature today that allows employers to add a personal note of thanks to employees’ payslips.

The ‘Personal Note’ option is aiming to remove the purely transactional nature of payday in a bid to improve employer-employee relations. Or at least that’s the theory. Employers can use it for things like thanking someone for doing a particularly good job on a project, putting in extra hours or celebrating a birthday. It can also be used to give a spot bonus for putting in a good performance.


While a note appended to your payslip might not be the most important make-or-break factor in your ultimate job satisfaction, it’s still nice to get recognition for a job well done, or the extra effort that you thought had gone unnoticed. Although, filling out personal messages of thanks to employees in a large company would likely take quite some time.

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Featured Image Credit – PHILIPPE HUGUEN/AFP/Getty Images