Way back in April, we reported on Uber’s plans to move beyond cars and drivers-for-hire services with the launch of UberRUSH, which was essentially an experimental bicycle-based delivery service that launched in Manhattan, New York City.

As VentureBeat reports, an update has now been posted by Uber detailing some changes to the service, including the prices and availability.

“As of June 24, 2014, UberRUSH prices are up to 30% cheaper. If a delivery begins and ends within the same zone, it’s a flat $10. Each zone crossed during delivery is an additional $5. Additional stops may result in a higher fare.”

Additionally, messengers will not only collect items within Manhattan below 125th Street, they will also now deliver within Brooklyn or Queens for a flat-rate of $30. “We’re working to expand quickly, and will update you as coverage areas change,” the company says.

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