Beaconic has improved the pricing and value of its iBeacon hardware sets for retail stores as it prepares to ship its second batch of units later this month.

The firm’s €99 ($135) Hardware Kit now comes with three iBeacons instead of two. Meanwhile, the Retail Kit has seen a price drop from €249 ($338) to €199 ($271) and now includes four iBeacons along with a full software license, up from two. Beaconic’s Premium Kit has been upgraded from four to six iBeacons costs €299 ($406), down from €349 ($474).

Beaconic emerged as one of the earliest iBeacon manufacturers in Europe earlier this year. Apple’s iBeacon technology for indoor positioning has attracted much interest from retailers and marketers, but it has yet to fully take off.

According to Beaconic, the company has sold a “tremendous amount of retail kits,” primarily aimed at venues like museums, resorts, hotels and theaters. In the near future, Beaconic plans to launch on Android.