Coursera is launching an initiative to help expedite the translation of its online learning platform into non-English languages. The Global Translator Community (GTC) is a program that essentially allow volunteers to crowdsource translated subtitles for the 600-plus video courses on its site.

“Like many things here at Coursera, the GTC emerged from our learners. In classes ranging from Machine Learning to Social Psychology, we noticed learners spontaneously organizing to translate lecture subtitles for the benefit of their classmates. At the same time, we heard many Courserians asking us for even more translations,” the company explains on its blog.

Screenshot 2014 04 29 13.39.22 730x343 Coursera launches a program to crowd translate its online classes into new languages

Initially, Coursera is only accepting applications, but, once the GTC gets going, it says that the program will be run via a central portal. That portal will direct users to active translations projects, resources, and “ways to interact with other community members and the Coursera team”.

The idea behind the project is to bring the company’s online learning resources to non-English speaking countries, where Coursera says that 40 percent of its registered users are based.

Coursera recently launched an Android app in a bid to reach more users in emerging markets. The company has raised over $85 million in investment — including input from three university partners — and it claims to have nearly 7.5 million registered users worldwide.

Image via Yuko Honda / Flickr