Hate Comic Sans? Maybe you’ll find Comic Neue more appealing

Hate Comic Sans? Maybe you’ll find Comic Neue more appealing

For those who can’t stand the sight of Comic Sans, say hello to Comic Neue.

Developed by Craig Rozynski, an Australian graphic designer in Japan, Comic Neue is a new take on the oft-criticized Comic Sans font. “The squashed, wonky and weird glyphs of Comic Sans have been beaten into shape while maintaining the honesty that made Comic Sans so popular,” a description for the new font states.

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You can now download Comic Neue on its site, free for a limited time. Rozynski has noted though on Twitter that he isn’t sure if he wants to start selling Comic Neue or not. The font could do well, given that he has managed to actually adopt the good parts of Comic Sans and give the font a refreshed look that actually looks appealing (and very usable).

Comic Neue

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