Reddit today updated its site with a few neat features. In addition to being able to give each other a Reddit gold subscription for a comment (called “gilding” a comment), users can now gild a user who submitted a link or self-post by just clicking the “give gold” link below the submission. Gilding submissions can only be done from the comments page, and the gold star showing which submissions have been gilded will only be visible on that page, in order to avoid having gilded submissions receive more attention solely due to being gilded.

All Reddit users can now save comments as well as submissions, and view their saved items based on which subreddit they came from. Users with Reddit gold, which previously had this feature exclusively, now get another tool for organizing their saved items with an option to save to a custom category. While still not profitable, the company continues to offer new features to its subscribing members before eventually transferring these features to all users.

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Image Credit: Eastop