500px today launched its Prime photo-licensing marketplace to help photographers sell their images and ultimately earn a decent wage.

The service was announced last month, but for its official release 500px has slipped in a huge change related to how much photographers are paid. Instead of 30%, the company has flipped its offer and will giving shutterbugs a 70% cut of each sale instead.


Given that each photo is sold at a flat rate of $250, that bumps up the photographer’s commission from $75 to $175 every time one of their images is licensed. “We think this is fair,” 500px founder and chief product officer Evgeny Tchebotarev said. “We want to give all photographers, amateur and professional, an opportunity to be fairly compensated for their work.”

500px Prime is still in beta, so for now you’ll need an invite code to sign up and access the site.

500px Prime (Blog Post)