Flickr has launched an improved commenting system to the photo-based social network. Starting today, users can insert photos into comments. The news first came by way of tweet from Markus Spiering, Flickr’s head of product.


Inserting a photo into a comment works exactly like how you’d expect on a social network like Facebook and Google+. When you find that one image to engage with, copy and paste the URL of the file you wish to insert into the comments into the discussion box. Then post your comment and it will appear. All comments can be edited and deleted at any time.

The addition of Flickr photo comments comes just a week after the social network marked its 10 year anniversary. However, it’s already behind the curve, as Facebook and Google+ both have photo commenting enabled.

This feature appears to only be available for the Web version, but it’s probably safe to expect it on Flickr’s mobile apps soon. When an image is added to a comment on the Web browser, it will show up as a URL string on Flickr’s mobile app.

Photo credit: LOIC VENANCE/AFP/Getty Images