Apple, eat your heart out. Samsung and Carphone Warehouse have announced a collaboration that will see more than sixty new Samsung stores rolled out across Europe.

This deal follows the three initial stores that opened in Spain back in 2013, and now it will effectively push Samsung front-and-center in main shopping thoroughfares in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Sweden and the Netherlands.

Carphone Warehouse is a major telecommunications retailer in Europe, using the Carphone Warehouse brand in the UK and Ireland, and the Phone House brand elsewhere.

In terms of timescale, you can expect to see these ‘concept’ stores arrive in the next few months and, according to the announcement, they will have a “premium look and feel”, while selling Samsung products exclusively. Indeed, the stores will combine Carphone Warehouses’s existing sales tools and platforms, with Samsung-branded tablets to complete sales on the shop floor.

A Carphone Warehouse spokesperson tells us that the new stores will constitute a mix of brand new openings, and conversions of existing Carphone Warehouse outlets.

Samsung has often been accused of aping Apple’s efforts elsewhere, now it seems its following suit into the retail sphere too.