Productivity application Asana released an update today that gives users a new way to view project tasks and assignments. Previously users could only view their work in list format. Now with Asana Calendars, users can see things in a calendar-type format to better understand how tasks stack up against others and understand any deadline conflicts.

The feature is currently only available on its Web app, but the company says that it will be available on mobile once Asana launches its redesigned app in the future.

Calendars in Asana 2 - customized view

Asana says that Calendars is a new way to better understand your projects and responsibilities. At first glance, users may find it similar to Google Calendar. Asana says that it’s not the case — it’s a feature that is basically in-between the Gantt chart you get from Microsoft Project and an ordinary calendar.

Administrators can set up calendars so that users can view due dates across teams and projects with a click of a button. Asana also lets you drill down further within a project to understand its deliverables and milestones. But what might be appealing to users is the custom view that lets you have multiple project views simultaneously and is a calendar tailored to your preferences.

Calendar views can also be saved or shared with co-workers.

Calendars in Asana 1 - team-wide view

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