Coinbase releases an SDK to enable Bitcoin payments in Android apps

Coinbase releases an SDK to enable Bitcoin payments in Android apps

btcCoinbase is doing more than most to bring Bitcoin to mainstream audiences. The US startup — which recently raised $25 million — offers a consumer wallet and standalone merchant app, allows trading via SMS and more — now it’s released an SDK to enable support for Bitcoin payments in Android apps.

The SDK — developed alongside micro-transaction startup Bitmonet, which we’ve written about before — is open source and available in GitHub. Beyond simply introducing payments, it allows debit and other previous unsupported transactions.

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Bitmonet’s own payment gateway product is designed to encourage micro-payments — small transactions made without transaction fees — on blogs, and Coinbase believes the concept can work inside mobile apps via the SDK. Apple pulled Coinbase for iOS last year, so this project is Android-only.

Update: This demo is from the Bitmonet blog:

Android SDK Released – Accept Bitcoin Payment In Your Own Android App [Coinbase]

Images via Zach Copley / Flickr and Coinbase

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